When To Go

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When to go to Corsica? Almost Year Round!


Corsica has much more to offer than sun bathing even though  its beaches are unparalleled .
A lot of people book their holidays in Corsica off the peak season to enjoy many of Corsica’s other assets.

FROM MID-APRIL TO END OF JUNE: Ideal for families with no school age children or group of friends over 55 +

Corsican Nature is at its best with green pastures and the blooming maquis , the days are long , the temperatures are  over 25 celsius most afternoons , you will have the beaches to yourself , it’s also a good period for hiking  in the mountains or sightseeing or stay at the villa by the heated pool.

END OF JUNE TO END OF AUGUST: Best period for multigenerational families

It’s the period of the french summer holidays and it’s the most sought after period but away from  the crowds the villa offers an oasis of calm and beauty but still very close to some of the best beaches..

EARLY SEPTEMBER TO END OF OCTOBER: For families with no school age children, people over 55+ or German and Swiss families with school age children who can enjoy their Autumn school vacations


The crowds are gone , the sea temperature is still above 20 celsius and the pool is heated to 25 Celsuis. The delicious Corsica figs are in season and the first famous Corsican clementines will soon appear in the open markets. It’s easier to rent a boat for a day along the coast and hiking is less strenuous in the milder air.